Trade In and Trade Up to Your Dream Bike



Trade in your bike today! BikeSource is teaming up with The Pros Closet to help you get that new bike smell again. Now is the time to upgrade your road bike to the newest features and technology. Mountain bikers, ditch the 26” wheels and experience the fun and performance of big wheels. Upgrade from aluminum to carbon. Whatever you might be dreaming of now, our trade-in program will help you make those dreams come true!

Ready To Get Started?

Get an estimated value for your current bike by completing The Pros Closet's form below. Before you get started, your bike must fit within this criteria: 

  1. Original retail value of $1,500 or more.
  2. Sorry, no tandems, recumbents or cargo bikes due to the shipping costs.
  3. High-end 26" mountain bikes have low demand, but will be considered.

If your bike meets the above, then continue on and see what they can give you for your bike today.

Scroll down within white section below to enter information

Not Too Shabby! Now What?

Once you receive the voucher, bring it and your bike to any BikeSource location and we’ll handle getting the bike back to The Pros Closet. You now have those funds to spend instantly at our store. That’s it!! 

Not ready to pick out your new bike just yet? No problem, we can convert your voucher to a store gift card that you can use at any BikeSource location any time! 

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